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It’s as simple as this, if you are not actively driving your brand online,
you may as well be trying to reach out to your potential clients via fax or post.
If those methods are some of the ways you currently send out communication,
you’ve probably come to the right place anyway!


Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it created our craft.

We are an agency full of life, passion, and coffee. What gets us up in the morning is the torturous thought of bad marketing… ugh! Let’s change that! It pains our hearts to see poorly put together campaigns with bad visuals, grammar, and spelling. Generic advertising that follows the flock of sheep is enough to keep us up at night.  Everything we do is guided by our passion to build a brand and make people fall in love with everything your brand does, says and sells. If you’re looking for a team who are committed to being a little avant-garde, off-beat, eccentric and innovative… you’ve arrived.

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What we do

Our biggest passion lies in helping companies pave the road to success with expertly crafted digital strategies. 

We seek to drive creativity in all we do with beautiful aesthetics, well-thought-out copy, and content that stops the forever scrolling finger in its tracks!

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Social Media Case Study

Distinctive Spaces - Instagram Feed



Distinctive Spaces specializes in the designing and production of artificial plants to create a beautiful space for a home, office, restaurant, commercial space and more.

Pink Soda Marketing and Distinctive Spaces joined forces 4 years ago. The brand was looking for an agency to grow their presence and help make them well known in the artificial plant and interior design space.

We began strategizing the best way forward for the brand and saw an opportunity in Instagram for the brand. Their products are beautiful and picture worthy, which is why we thought Instagram would be a great platform to grow their business.

Who We Work With

Citrix Logo - Pink Soda Marketing - SEO - Social Media
Henry Fagan Logo - Pink Soda Marketing - SEO - Webs Design
Crane Group Consulting - Pink Soda Marketing - SEO - Web Design - Social Media
Trident Infrastructure Group - Pink Soda Marketing - Web Design - SEO
Gatas Sneaker Boutique - Pink Soda Marketing - Web Design - SEO
Soundhouse Entertainment - Pink Soda Marketing - SEO - Web Design
Steel Tube Services Logo Client - Pink Soda Marketing - SEO - Web Design - Google ADS
TTK Surveillance - SEO - Web Design - Pink Soda Marketing
DC Auto Motion - Pink Soda Marketing - Social Media - SEO

“Having worked with Pink Soda on our digital marketing campaigns this year has been refreshing to say the least. Their ability to venture into an unknown world , learning our industry concepts and messaging was what set her apart in winning our business and continuing to lead this for our Workspace business. Nothing is ever too much and her dependability with delivery is incredible. Let Kirsten and her team apply their creativity and you will be sold just as we are!”


Alex Russell, Previously Joint MD at Aptronics

“Pink Soda Marketing have been working with us to build on our Tilespace brand since early 2019 and our results have been nothing short of incredible. It would be easy to list all of the increased sales metrics, growth of our social followers or the positive impact of our reinvented website but these are only the by-products of what makes Pink Soda great. They have a genuine passion for our products that matches our own and a natural intuition for our Clients’ needs that seems uncanny at times. Since we were late adopters of the Digital Marketing wave, Pink Soda not only walked us through the beginning stages so that we understood the strategies and mechanisms involved but they also helped us to catch up after our late start. We look forward to many more years of success between Tilespace and Pink Soda Marketing.”

Calvin van der Merwe, National Sales and Marketing Manager, Tilespace

“Pink Soda Marketing keep our pages appealing with constructive ideas and posts

for our brands. This is been hugely beneficial for our ongoing social engagement with our new and loyal clients. The posts are lively whilst being of value. They have been so supportive.”

Gaynor Scrivener – Director and Head of Marketing and Business Development, Distinctive Spaces

“Kirsten is always very professional and knowledgeable. Love working with her.”

Karen Kelly – Blogger, Lovilee

“We highly recommend Kirsten and the Pink Soda Marketing team, they did our company website. Every interaction we had was professional and helpful we received guidance and assistance the whole way through. Our site was up and running in a matter of days. Thank you Pink Soda!”

Cheryl van Staden – Co-owner, Carpentum

“Kirsten and her team have been fantastic! Easy to deal with, professional, and they come up with such exciting ideas for our company’s marketing. Highly recommended!”

Jessica Le Roux – Sales & Marketing Administrator, BNC