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Creativity is the driving force behind achieving your goals

Goals are a fundamental part of our lives that help get us up in the morning and striving to make the new day better than the day before. But throughout each stage of our life, our goals are constantly changing as we grow older. Without these ever-changing goals, our lives would be like Groundhog Day, the same thing all the time.

Think about when you were a kid, your goals may have been playing in garden, dressing up your dolls or building pillow forts (oh what it was like to be young!) But then you got a little older, went to high school and then your goals completely shifted. At that time, they may have been sports, getting a boyfriend or girlfriend, getting good grades or spending time with friends.

Then university came, and boy do your goals change a lot at this point in your life. With having just made a huge adjustment in your life, your goals may have changed to cars, make up, modelling, becoming an influencer, partying, finance, marketing, accounting, you name it! It is a stressful and uncertain time in your life and because of the uncertainty, your goals goes from one to the other at the blink of an eye.

Once you have gotten through your degree, whether it was your first choice or not, you now enter the big scary working world. And surprise, your goals change again. This time it may be settling down with your partner, having kids, pursuing a sport, art, writing, getting married or becoming the next Nelson Mandela. But it doesn’t end here, and as I am sure you have gathered so far; your goals keep changing as the days go by.

You may be thinking; ‘Riley, read your heading, what on earth does this have to do with creativity!?’

Well, it has everything to do with creativity. All these goals were achieved with some kind of creativity behind them. And I don’t mean creativity in the sense that if you put paint to a canvas you need to be the next Picasso, but in analyzing a situation and finding a new solution, you are looking at it from different angles and that my lovely readers, is being creative!

Have a look at everything I mentioned earlier; building a pillow fort – it takes creativity. Getting a boyfriend or girlfriend – well I have seen some creative ways of making this happen. Becoming an influencer or changing degrees – it takes creativity to makes sure you reach your audience accurately. Becoming the next Nelson Mandela – it takes creativity to be a leader.

My point is you may not think you are creative because you can’t draw or make music. But everyone is creative in their own way. The next time you achieve one of your goals, take a step back and think about you how you were creative in ticking that goal of your list.

Having goals helps us be enthusiastic about something and being enthusiastic says something about who we are and what we have to offer the world. Creativity is the skill you bring to that goal to make it something worth doing.

In life, you need to embrace your goals because it can ignite your creativity in the most beautiful ways.

Channel the feeling of intense creativity, enthusiasm, and that feeling of euphoria when engaging in something that is truly meaningful to you and you will find that you are already half way to achieving something amazing.

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