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Branding is the foundation of a successful company, and we can see some very exciting branding trends emerging that will be the key to staying relevant and generating success. Consumers are always on the lookout for new and exciting brands, that demonstrate good values and keep a certain level of transparency with their consumers. We as humans are far from perfect, and we hold real, meaningful connections in high regard. Rather than trying to portray themselves as perfect, brands should be taking advantage of the natural human desire to form connections to create a lasting impression, and ultimately, a lasting relationship with customers. The brands that get this right will be the ones who come out on top.

Let’s take a look at some of 2023’s branding trends.

Embracing an era

It’s basically time-traveling… for your brand.

Many of us are looking to the past for comfort and familiarity during times of chaos and uncertainty. By tapping into nostalgia and connecting with the past, we can use design to transport our audience to the “good old days”. The elements used in the time period brand design tell a story and are a powerful tool to bring a sense of togetherness among people. Through the use of era-specific fonts, colour palettes, and graphics, you and your audience can hop in the DeLorean. “Get in loser, we’re going time traveling!”


Overstimulated branding

Overstimulated branding is a great way to capture attention and leave a lasting impression. It uses vibrant colours, bold fonts, and unique icons or logos to create an eye-catching and exciting visual experience. By using patterns, a little bit of clutter, and full use of space, it creates a memorable impact. In a world where we are constantly being fed negative news, overstimulated branding can bring audiences an uplifting experience and a sense of happiness and positivity.


Doing more with less

I like to think of this trend as maximised minimalism. Even though having a busy branding aesthetic is trendy as mentioned above, doing more with less is a great way to make a bold branding statement through uncluttered designs. It requires you to focus on the core elements of your brand – like your logo, fonts, and colour palette and make sure they are powerful enough to communicate your message, tone, and personality.

It’s also a great way to show your commitment to sustainability and minimalism, which we crave in a world of such chaos.


Substituting letters for icons

As a branding strategy, swapping a character for an icon or illustration is a great way to add personality and style to your brand. It creates a unique reference to your company and helps your brand stand out in a crowded market. Plus, it can be a great way to grab people’s attention and communicate your brand quickly and clearly. Using visuals like icons and illustrations can help to convey a message in an eye-catching way that is more memorable than just plain text.


Mission-first branding

This branding technique has been pretty prominent in past years and we expect to see much more of it in the future. Brands will put focus on the positive impact they are making, rather than their own success. This could include using stories to highlight the impact they have had, creating partnerships with charities, or even using their products or services to help support a cause. Mission-first branding is an important step in creating an authentic and meaningful connection with customers, as it puts the focus on the impact the brand is making, rather than its own success.

We’re seeing that people want to support brands that are living their values and are taking action to make the world a better place. By incorporating your mission and values into the brand identity and creating initiatives to back them up, you can demonstrate to your customers that you are genuinely committed to making a difference. It’s a win-win for both the business and its customers. Not only will customers feel more connected to your brand, but they’ll also be more likely to support and recommend your business.



As we look ahead to 2023, it is clear that many brands are using mascots as a way to stand out and connect with their customers on a deeper level. By introducing a mascot with a unique personality that reflects the company’s values, brands can create an emotional connection with their customers that goes beyond product or service offerings.


Brand mascots can be used to represent the company in advertising, on social media, and in other creative ways. Think of the Duolingo owl who has become quite famous on social media and sparked many memes. Having an influential mascot can create a more a more memorable, engaging, and authentic experience for your customers.

Humour and satire

Humour and satire can be great ways for brands to connect with their audiences, especially when the world can be such a serious place. It’s a powerful tool to lighten the mood, break down barriers and establish genuine connections with people. Plus, it’s an effective way to make a unique impression. Through humour, brands can communicate their personality and show their human side, helping to create a strong emotional bond with their customers. Nandos is a brilliant example of a South African brand that uses humour to create a sense of unity among South African consumers.


Being creative and pushing the boundaries of traditional branding styles can be an exciting and rewarding experience. You can use existing trends as a jumping-off point for your own unique ideas. With a bit of creativity and experimentation, you might come up with something fresh and eye-catching that will make the list of 2024 branding trends. For more tips on how to elevate your brand and makeover your marketing plan, book a consultation with us! Find out more by emailing [email protected]

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