About us

We are a group of creative minds obsessed with coffee, food, and beautiful branding. When put together, we inspire each other, laugh a lot and create innovative campaigns that yield great results. 

At our core, we’re deeply passionate about supporting local businesses, remaining eco-conscious and giving back. Things you’ll hear us say often: “How can we add value?”. We don’t believe in selling to make money (sorry if that’s your goal, we’re happy to change your mind). We believe in creating a culture of value that aids businesses in gaining long-term followers and life-long advocates, which essentially makes much more profit that a once-off sale. 

The campaigns we run aren’t focused on quick wins, but how can we create something that is impactful and builds a community of loyal customers?

Development and up-skilling is a large part of Pink Soda’s culture too. We’re never comfortable or satisfied and always strive for more.

Let’s Make Some Magic!

  • Passion 100% 100%
  • Eccentricity 85% 85%
  • Good Vibes 90% 90%

Meet The Team



Our boss lady, head of strategy, founder, and idea generator.

Kirsten has a brilliant mind and way with words that can get anyone pumped up and ready to go. She is a sucker for chocolate, coffee, and good marketing.



Our resident website designer, graphic designer, and SEO & Google ads expert. 

Jake has an exceptional creative mind and a fantastic sense of humor. He has a smirk and charm that earns him the nickname “Joey Tribbiani”. He loves rugby, food and has a keen eye for creating beautiful things.



Our social media manager, strategist, and digital marketer. 

She is highly organized, pays close attention to detail and hates bad grammar.  A day doesn’t go by where she doesn’t dream of a good pizza or ground-breaking strategy.